Forced Break - #100DaysOfCode

It's been a while since I took the "#100DaysOfCode challenge", so I wanted to provide an update on that.

Well unfortunately I had to take a break from that challenge. Not because I wanted to, because I was forced too. * Internet not working forced *

So my internet crashed and did not work for 2 weeks until I decided to get a new one. Then I decided to get a new laptop and then I also got stuck with some freelance work. So no internet, no laptop and no time for #100DaysOfCode. :(

But I really liked the challenge and wanted to get back to it so from today I'm restarting the challenge. I won't continue from last time but start from Day 001 again, with a different approach.

I've decided to kickoff this time with this amazing course by the one and only Simon Allardice.

I'm done watching the first two chapters and will end this course later today or by Day 002 hopefully.

Let the #100DaysOfCode challenge begin(again)!

Hey there, I'm Ammar!

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