Day x - #100DaysOfCode

I started the #100DaysOfCode challenge some time ago, as announced on this blog. I had some complications in between and re-started the challenge, but a few days into it again and I've realized something: This challenge isn't for me.

I'm a full time student. This means that I do not code for a living. I do freelance work sometimes (Check out my Portfolio), and other then that code as a hobby. Sometimes my code is my homework or client work which means I can not upload it to GitHub as my #100DaysOfCode code. Which meant I had to stress my self to write some code to put up on my GitHub repo.

This was very stressful. It wasn't fun. I code because It's something I find fun to do. When I started leaning to code back in 2012, I never thought it would one day turn into a job for me.In fact, at that time, I wanted to become a Scientist who works with chemicals and invents cool things. My point is, if I'm working on something and not having fun with it,then there's no point in continuing with it and this challenge was making coding a stressful thing for me, so I've decided to drop the challenge.

Hey there, I'm Ammar!

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