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Hi there!
Somehow you have managed to land on this blog and now you there's a question in your mind: "What is this blog about?".
Well, this post is going to answer just that!

I'm Ammar, a 17-year-old(March 1998), Front-End-Dev based in Karachi Pakistan.
I've been learning to code since 2012.
One other thing that I've been doing since 2012 is blogging!
Recently, I felt that my blog was going in too many different directions so I decided to split it up.
That resulted in multiple blogs - This is my "Code Blog".
( another blog is here )
I'm going to be posting about my Learning to Code journey and other stuff related to Tech and Code.
This is my first post but I think you'll like my blog if you read it a little. ( hopefully )
That's all for now - Cheers!

Hey there, I'm Ammar!

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