Farewell pset1 // CS50x 2016

I never thought I would be able to write this post before my exams but here I am.

This is the problem I have with committing to something - school makes it really hard for me to keep my commitment but I'm trying my best with CS50.

Anyhow, approximately 11 weeks after signing up for this course, I'm finally done with Week 1!


As I said in a previous post, water.c was no problem at all.

Mario.c took me a while to crack [ Details here ] but eventually I did crack it.

Now the last challenge was Greedy.c, which was described by someone in the CS50 Facebook group, as "A monster of it's own".

So now it was time to crack Greedy!

Tackling Greedy:

I'm going to admit that initially I did think that this would be really challenging but I found out that it was much simpler than Mario

The first part was the same which was asking the user for the amount.

The part after this which took a little thought was converting the dollars to cents and rounding them off.

After a little help from the chat, this challenge took barely 10 minutes to get done with.

Tip for someone solving the challenge: It's just loops and subtraction. Don't complicate it too much.

After getting done with this I submitted my solutions and filled the short forum along with this. Now I'm just waiting for my grade while I start week 2!

But for now, I need to study for the maths test on Thursday!

Hey there, I'm Ammar!

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